Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A close run thing

A half mark was all that separated Team No Idea between third place and the rest of the craven masses that coveted our Bar Tab of Bronze. And we only got that because Peter noticed Mr Boycie was a bit crap on the addition stakes, so well done Peter.

Right, so we now all know there have been six incarnations of Star Trek on the telly.

Classic Trek, The Next Generation, Deep Space Yawn, Voyager, Enterprise and Number 6! The Animated Series.

The other one we missed in the Sci Fi round was the number of the crew that went to re-start the sun in the movie Sunshine. Mr Boyce got us all with his misinformation ploy and the actual answer was eight. Including Cliff Curtis who played an Arabian Eskimo Palestinian Iraqi Tongan.
The tag line for this scientific marvel was: If the Sun dies, so do we.

Other points to note was a spectacularly good connections round, 10 points on the word and the questions, and Burt Reynolds was the top box office star from 1978-1983. Who'd have thunk that?

And Evey Hammond was from V for Vendetta which Peter reckoned he suggested but as scribe I didn't hear it. Remember, I start round one a bit hard of hearing, and by round three I am usually rollicking drunk on my two pints of ale, so don't be afraid to labour the obvious.
Well done that team.


Pedro said...

Well done that team. And good to have Mr Jones in attendance. I dislike having to pay for my own drinks.

Tim Jones said...

It was good to be back!

Peter and Louise said...

Ooooh. My favourite Jewish person of all time.