Thursday, June 4, 2009 that much

Well done everyone.  Pipped at the post by the Monkeys.

Of course the crucial question may have been the Dead Man's Hand question.  Answer:  Wild Bill Hickock = Wild Cat,  but we had many other nearlys as well.  Good jokering and many a fantastic story.

$50 for next time's bartab.


Bill O'Byrne said...

Look, I've said I'm sorry.
Wyatt Earp just sounded more plausible. And I threw myself off the hunt with my dribble about the guy being in the OK Corral shootout.

pedro said...

I am just pleased we still have money for next time. Come to think of it, even though we have not won this year...we have only not got a bar tab once - so we must have been in with a show.

I am convinced Tom Clancy will be the answer to an important question sometime this year.